BP Shoots Mud at Oil as Obama Halts Drilling Plans

About that boycott of Arizona over its new illegal immigrant law? 82% of Americans say, Nah!

11 Hot House and Senate Races in the 2010 Midterms

Congress to vote on military gay ban
Up from the deep sea: a nightmare for Obama

Troops not militarizing Mexico border: U.S. envoy

Children's Tylenol plant cited for tainted ingredient in 2009

Dozens arrested in online child porn ring

Astronomy picture of the day

Democrats eye Medicare cuts in tax, jobs bill

Most Think Obama Doing a Lousy Job on Oil Spill

Hurricane Forecaster Sees 'Hell of a Year' Ahead

Obama security doctrine stresses diplomacy and economy

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The Atlantic

Why We Don't Care About Elena Kagan's Sex, Legs or Orientation

Where Are All Those Captured Terrorists, Mr. Brennan?

Obama's Pre-Emptive Doctrine


Throw the Top BP Executives and Its Two SubContractors in Federal Prison Until the Gulf Well is Capped and Damages Paid

John Stossel Wins Media Putz Award for Tacking Even Closer to the KKK on Civil Rights Than Rand Paul Dared

Common Dreams

Trusting the Scorpion: BP, the Legacy of Republican Hypocrisy and Democratic Cowardice

Troops at the Border Won't Bring Reform

Crooks and Liars

Liberal Blog Roundup

Daily Beast

Obama Releases National Security Strategy

Daily Kos

DailyKos: Abbreviated Pundit Round-up

Today in Congress

Gulf gusher "top kill" attempt

Firedog Lake

Early Morning Swim

Information Clearing House

Liberal News of the Day

Huffington Post

Sandra Day O'Connor: Arizona Must Show It's Not 'Biased' In Light Of Immigration Law

More Than 100 Census Takers Have Been Assaulted Or Attacked This Month

Richard Blumenthal Still Polling Well Among Connecticut Voters

Independent UK

Kicking carbon

Media Matters

Considering we're staffed by "non-entities," Breitbart's team sure writes about Media Matters a lot

Fox chyron calls international cooperation "The Buddy System"

Limbaugh Plugs Complimentary Biography of Himself He Admits He Hasn't Read

Beck renews witch hunt: Sunstein has "more power than the Fed," "will control your every move"

Beck falsely claims Obama will not "honor our troops" on Memorial Day

Oped News

Texas Gov. Perry Misusing Tax Dollars

Political Wire

Will Reid Get His Preferred Opponent?

Raw Story

New US security policy dumps Bush anti-terror doctrine


Biden: Troop Withdrawal From Iraq on Schedule

Talking Points Memo

Limbaugh Bio Written By Israeli Likudnik Admirer of Christian Right

Morning Roundup

The New Republic

Despite Obama's Delusion, Changing The Words Does Not Change The World

Think Progress

ThinkFast: May 27, 2010

Gingrich Attacks And Defends Bank Bailouts In The Same Interview

Time Magazine

A Sestak Job Offer? Criminally Stupid, Not Criminal


CNN Celebrates Old Black Lady With Delightful Musical Slurs


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Obama's border plan looks similar to Bush's

Farmers brace for grasshopper invasion

Ex-Detroit mayor sentenced to up to 5 years in prison

Old Couple Found Buried Alive in Trash

Reid on Sestak White House Job Deal: 'I Know Nothing'

New GOP 'Contract With America' to Debut in September

Campaigning on Arizona law may help Republicans: study

Obama chides Republicans while backing California senator

U.S. Soldier on Video to Iraqi Boys: You Gonna Be a Terrorist?

'Political Stupidity': Democrat Slams Obama's Response to BP Oil Spill

In her own words: Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer on Obama's National Guard border troop decision

Shuttle Atlantis lands after final mission

China cool to US calls for action against NKorea

Geithner praises China commitment on currency reform

Ex-Detroit mayor faces possible jail time

US Expands Secret Mideast Operations

Archivist Confident Clinton Library Can Deliver Kagan Docs

Voters Head to Polls Tuesday to Decide Key Races

Private pay shrinks to historic lows

Obama backs proposal to lift ban on gays in military

'No Protection': Victim to Sue School in Abuse/Bullying Case

Battle for Kandahar, Heart of Taliban Country

Trip Planning? Fly With the Top 10 Airlines

Pakistan's Supreme Court blocks cleric's arrest in Mumbai, India, attack

GOP wins House seat in Obama's home district

Border Patrol arrests 7 in 100-mile Calif. chase

Louisiana slams BP and government for slow oil response

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Reserves dominate Lakers, Suns win 115-106

Jackson shuts door on Bulls, intrigued by Nets

Roundup: Red Sox, Mets shut out rivals

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The Official World Series Film Collection


Irate Carville Begs Obama: 'Get Down Here and Take Control'

Dr. Krauthammer Offers to Write Obama Rx for Valium

Behar: BP Oil Spill 'Can Be Laid at Cheney's Feet'

WH Says Reporters Are Asking Too Many BP Questions

Deja Palin: 'Gotcha Journalism!'

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How to Bring Up Masturbation in a White House Briefing

Mama Bear Shakes Baby Bear Out of Tree

Biography DVDs - save up to 40% on over 700 DVD titles

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Jonah Goldberg: Rand Paul's Civil Rights Act Comments Revisited

Krauthammer: The fruits of weakness

Coulter: Modern Civil Rights: Cockfighting and Sams-Sex Proms

Broder: The perils of tampering with political done deals

Will: In Politics, As Good As It Gets

Dionne Jr: Gulf oil spill offers a lesson in capitalism vs. socialism

Kristol: Yes We Cam

Friedman: As Ugly as It Gets

Gerson: Europe's burqa rage

Krugman: The Old Enemies

Lowry: Arizona and Our National Self-Abasement

Brooks: Two Theories of Change

Hanson: Our Chief Confessor

Kristof: Sister Margaret's Choice

Rich: The 'Randslide' and Its Discontents

Parker: What Blumenthal might have learned from the war zone

Fineman: Can Obama Control Oil-Spill Political Damage?

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Atlanta Journal Constitution

Baltimore Sun

Boston Globe

Boston Herald

Chicago Sun-Times

Chicago Tribune

Dallas News

Denver Post

Houston Chronicle

LA Times

New York Post

New York Times

Philadelphia Inquirer


St. Louis Post Dispatch

San Francisco Chronicle

Wall Street Journal

Washington Post

Washington Times

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Ace of Spades

Chicago: 80 Year Old Army Vet Shoots and Kills Armed Intruder

Professor: double-dip recession is a virtual certainty

Italian Prime Minister: You Know What? This Public Spending Binge We've Been On Is Pretty Much Kicking Our Ass

American Family Association

Homosexuality, Hitler and 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell'

American Spectator

Dunkirk Conservatism

A Bad Case of the Bitters

American Thinker

Arizona beats California

Opposition to Kagan climbing

Less Well-Known Legislation from Arizona

Another Black Conservative

Obama's Sestak problem is not going away

Atlas Shrugs

911 Mega Mosque Imam: 'I Don't Believe in Religious Dialogue' ....Cue Up the Daisy Khan Lies

Big Government

Unions Poised to Protect Greasy-Palmed Politicians with $100+ Million

Is HuffPo Threatening Political Pressure in Gladney Case on Behalf of SEIU?

Big Journalism

For Dinosaur Media, Democrats = Moderate, Republicans = Extremist

CNS News

Majority of Americans Believe Future of Don't Ask, Don't Tell Should be Left Up to Military Commanders, Zogby Poll Finds

Senate Leader Reid: Some Republicans Call Unemployed Americans 'Bums' and 'Hobos'

Commentary Magazine

America in Decline, Language Butchered

Obama Not Interested in Religious Freedom

Free Republic

"The New Palin Fence" (Say it ain't so, Joe!)

Hot Air

Hot Air Quotes of the day

Obamateurism of the Day

Democrats looking for payback in tax extenders

Doug Ross

Issa Utters the 'I' Word

Jihad Watch

In search of...moderate Islam


No jail time for two convicted in Big Dig concrete case

A bloody summer of gang warfare ahead?

Moon Battery

See, I Told You PBO's Border Enforcement Was a Sham

Viva Progressive Hypocrisy!

National Review

Geraghty: In Nevada, a Possible Rand Paul 2.0

Neal Boortz


News Busters

Media Defend Islam from 'Sex and the City' Jibes

News Real Blog

More Testimony of Bin Laden Being in Iran

Reason Magazine

Reason Morning Links

Red State

Obama Nominee Should Be Fired Not Promoted

RedState Morning Briefing

Pajamas Media

20th Century History Down the Danube

World Net Daily

Sestak-gate update: You can affect possible impeachment

Outside the Beltway

Wisconsin Veteran Ordered to Take Down Flag


Sign up for the Online Tax Revolt

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'American Idol' finale is a Bowersox lovefest

What to TiVo: Thursday

Must Haves For May

Simon Cowell: William Shatner Should Replace me on 'American Idol'


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USAF vehicle breaks record for hypersonic flight

Space Photos This Week: Space Shuttle, Supernova, More

Oldest Human Species Found: May Have Been Cannibal?

Cosmic hit-and-runs create failed stars

Eat bacteria to boost brain power

Shark cartilage doesn't appear to help lung cancer

The Science of Horror-Movie Screams


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Go Ahead Facebook, Sell That Data

Poll: Who is the geekiest TV character?

Know Which Charcoal to Choose for Grilling?

EyePhone: New Cellphone Software Tracks Users' Eye Movements For Control

Massive Wind Turbine Survives Pummeling By Equally Massive Testing Machine

6 Geeky Examples of Computer Keyboard Art

May 27, 1931: Wind Tunnel Lets Airplanes 'Fly' on Ground

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Loud muffler helps WA man retrieve stolen truck


MugShots of the Week

15 Grossly Misleading Movie Posters

5 Lovable Animals You Didn't Know Are Secretly Terrifying

Billboard Love Story

Cool knows no barriers (PIC)

Obama Inducted Into Baseball Hall of Fame

Runaway Son of Mother Nature Found In Big City

DeNiro & McEnroe React To Being Scammed By Art Dealer

Sports-Loving Hospital Workers Differ On How To Treat Drug Resistant TB

Airplane Pilot Killed by iPod Listener Likely Never Heard Him

Eel Checks Out Oil Leak

5 Things You Need To Know About Kim Jong Il's Brain

Dry Ice Explosions...Because They're Fun... (vids)

After knitted NHS breasts: More weird knitted objects

Revealed: The world's most tattooed woman

Bank robbers blow up entire bank, still don't get any money

Kids are Weird

Part One: Rush Limbaugh Sentenced to Death Over Heard Comments

'Son' Jailed After Failure to Pay 'Dad' Child Support

Devil Rejects Politician's Offer of Soul for Inability to Use Campaign Rhetoric

Man Dead After Two Conflicting iPhone Apps Simultaneously Open

Real Zombies Attack Fake Zombies Over Free Speech Ruling

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17 Old West Photos

Congressmen Submit Emergency 3 AM Bill Demanding IHOP Stay Open All Night

BP Pledges To Continue Being Huge Profitable Corporation

Existentialist Firefighter Delays 3 Deaths

Entire Facebook Staff Laughs As Man Tightens Privacy Settings

Owner Attacked By Zhu Zhu Pet Pit Bull

Town That Uses Geothermal Energy Unhappy With Trade-off's

US Men's Soccer Team Pins 2010 World Cup Hopes On H1N1 Fear

Family Finds Own Uses for Homemade Atom Smasher

31-Year-Old Kicks Dad Out of Own House


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